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Hey Everybody,

I hope you are in the best of spirits when you are reading this. If you are not…drink a RED BULL before going on because here is the thing some writers will die to know particularly the beginners.

Revolutionizing is a pretty difficult term when it comes to a creative work and particularly when you have been doing it for years. But I found out that we can bring a lot of change in our method of doing creative work by a specific strategy. Since I am particularly interested in writing so I would like to tell you how I brought change in my writing style.


Pausing is a great step when it comes to bringing a change. Pausing gives your brain time to lose its previous habits and pick up new and better styles. While you are in a pause try to read great works from great writers. Parablesite, ZenPencils and BrainyQuote are great sites to view in the days you are in the pause. Don’t worry about the period you should take a pause. You may restart writing when you feel that your spirit is reinvigorated and bursting with ideas.


You may never get feeling of stopping a pause and one day, a striking plot will just attack your mind and you’ll start writing. This is what happens with most of the writers…They never seem to feel the pause being ended.

You can also try a new niche in writing. For example, if you previously wrote fiction stories, try writing non fiction or try poems. This is a great chance to explore your abilities. You may even want to try a completely different sector in creative stuff; you may find that you are a great painter or a musician.

While trying, try to pick a new style of writing. Taking my own example: earlier I used to write dialogues in paragraph but after the pause I recognized that I can do a lot better if I write in drama-script style.

There might be things that you may want to keep or change a little. Earlier I used to use a lot of (…) in my writing but after the pause I reduced the number of these and used semicolons instead.


The last step is to follow the style you want to gain and ultimately you will gain the style. Remember, if you change you styles a lot of times, your writing won’t get better because your brain will take sometime to adapt to the new style of writing so pick up the best style.

Remember, never copy someone’s style of writing. Your writing style must be unique and yours.

Top Tips

Here are some top tips and explanations to better understand the article:

1. Some people get confused when I talk of writing style. If you are one of those people, try reading the books of Dan Brown and Roald Dahl. You will notice the difference. Even when you are reading Roald Dahl, there is a big style change in stories like Boy and Going Solo and stories like the Twits.

2. You may get confused about when to stop the pause. I have already told you that you won’t even feel it but even if you want to get the usual interval then it is 2-2.5 months.


I hope this will help me but don’t stick to it. Try to modify it to suit your style and if you liked it be sure to share it with friends.

Typing for you,

Krona Emmanuel


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