How to Close a Speech

Debates and Speeches
speech close

Nice closing… Bro!

The close of the speech is really its most strategic element. What is said last is likely to be remembered longest.
Do not end with, “That is all I have to say on the matter, so I guess I will stop.” Stop. But never talk about stopping
Plan your ending carefully in advance as Webster Bright and Gladstone did. Rehearse. Know almost word for word how you are going to close. Round off your talk. Don’t leave it rough and broken like a jagged rock.
Seven suggested ways of closing are:
1. Summarizing, restarting, outlining briefly the main points you have covered
2. Appealing for action
3. Paying the audience a sincere compliment
4. Raising a laugh
5. Quoting a fitting verse of poetry
6. Using a biblical quotation
7. Building a climax
Get a good ending and a good beginning; and get them close together. Always stop before your audience wants you to. The point of satisfaction is reached very soon after the peak of popularity.

Gladly Writing,

Krona Emmanuel


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