How to make your Meaning CLEAR

Debates and Speeches

clear your mind

To be clear is highly important and often very difficult. Christ declared that he had to teach by parables, “Because they (His hearers) seeing, see not; and hearing, hear not; neither do they understand.”

Christ made the unknown clear by talking of it in the terms of the known. He likened the kingdom of heaven to leaven, to nets cast into the sea, to merchants buying pearls. “Go thou, and do likewise.”


parables of jesus

Who was the best neighbor? The one who helped me with taxes.

If you wish to give a clear conception of the size of Alaska, do not quote its area in square miles; name the states that could be put into it, enumerate its population in terms of the town where you are speaking.

Difficulty Level

Avoid technical terms when addressing a lay audience. Follow Lincoln’s plan of putting your ideas into language plain enough for any boy or girl to comprehend.


Be sure that the thing you wish to speak about is clear as noonday sunshine in your own mind.

Be illustrative…

Appeal to the sense of sight. Use exhibits, pictures, illustrations when possible. Be definite. Don’t say “dog” if you mean “a fox terrier with a black splotch over his right eye.”


Restate your big ideas; but don’t repeat, don’t use the same phrases twice. Vary the sentences, but reiterate the idea without letting your hearers detect it.

Speak in Generality

Make your abstract statement clear by following it with general illustrations and what is often better still by specific instances and concrete cases.

Number of points

Do not strive to cover too many points. In a short speech, one cannot hope to treat adequately more than one or two phases of a big topic.

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