How to create drama in your writing…

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Creating Drama in writing is a factor which will help you improve your writing standards and also to keep the reader engaged and interested in your stories. Creating drama is not necessarily to add unnecessary adverbs and adjectives that make the reader want a dictionary. Creating drama means that the content will capture interest and appraise from the reader.

 Below I  have listed several ways through which you can create drama in your writing:

Keeping Emotions in Control

When writing a story, keep in mind that you keep the emotions of the characters in control. Many writers exaggerate the emotions of the characters. This property of the characters make them alien to the readers since no one in  real life acts as the characters in the story act. Keep it natural. There are a hell lot of other factors that can create the element of sadness in the story than a girl who is weeping and crying like a child and giving useless arguments to prove herself right.

Usage of witty words

In the above title, “Usage of witty word” notice that the first letter (w) of the last two words (witty, words) is same. This is a simple trick used by writers to make the readers like the content unconsciously. This trick or ‘Usage of Witty Words’ is beautifully applied  in the second line of the poem: She walks in Beauty, like the Night by Lord Byron:

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies

You can see that the words cloudless and climes both start with c just as the words starry and skies start with c. This is called Alliteration.

 Similes and Metaphors

Similes and Metaphors are very alike. They also play a very fun role in making the content dramatic. Similes are comparisons that are made by using the word like or as. Metaphors are very less different from Similes as the only difference between them is that metaphors lack the word like or as. Lets look at some examples of Similes of Metaphors:


“The Bad Guy was as big as Minotaur and looked of about the same strength.”

“The Chief was as wise as an owl and the was respected in the area.”


“The Bad Guy proved a lion in the fight.”

“The Chief’s decision was a stamp on the


Personification is the treatment of a non-human character as a human. This is done by relating human attitude to non-human attitudes. It is a human attitude to dance. Yet if we say that: “The sun rays were dancing beneath the canopy.” The meaning becomes clear that the rays were being reflected at different angles and were filling the area beneath the canopy with light after being filtered through the leaves. You can relate literally any human attitude to non-human attitude.


“The great flood began gulping down the village.”

“The engine wheezed its last cough and the vehicle came to a standstill.”

“The bushes were begging for rain.”

Imagery Layering

If you have used Photoshop, you can easily get some idea of how layering helps to generate a high-quality graphic. Layering in writing is a little different from layering in Photoshop. While writing. We do layering by Imagery. We consider ourselves right inside the scene and try to write what sensations would we sense at the time. The sensations include the Five Big Senses and also senses such as hunger, temperature etc. Different writers use different sequences of the senses in their imagery layering.


The use of vivid words can also heighten the effect of the writer but too much vividness or difficulty will result in: the reader struggling to get the meaning. But light vividness of words can make the mind of the reader feel the same feelings that the writer wanted to produce. It is much better to say ‘Searing’ than simply ‘very hot’. Vividness is usually unnecessary and useless if you are writing a book for kids.

 I hope you liked this article and will be able to create drama in your writings. If you have any suggestions, comments or you have any other way by which we can create drama in our writing. Don’t forget to tell me about it in the comment box.


 Krona Emmanuel



Letters from the Guru: Thinking Big

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think big

Dear friend,

I hope as the word flashes in your mind, your mind becomes mixed up and a school of ideas begin flashing from all corners like many paparazzi taking pictures at once.

Big thinking is what may not be understood by many and even if it is understood. Many do not have the power to think big. The reason why many don’t understand is that they try to search for a definition. They search for some set of rules that they would need to follow and the saddest part is…they do not know that they have not found what big thinking means.

Probably the scope is so large that it cannot be compressed in one simple sentence. Even my whole article would not be able to tell the meaning of big thinking. It lives in brave and young hearts. In hearts of those who want to achieve something big in their life and are willing to take risks.

Big thinking is said to be very close to big ambitions but in fact big ambitions is a part of big thinking. Big thinking is not about what you want to become in life. It’s about your everyday life. It’s about allowing others to get the checkout first. Its about sharing Starbucks with the old man sitting on the side-seat in a subway. Its about setting yourself part…Its about being a nerd.

The start of big thinking is Big Dreams, Big Attitude, Big Personality.

First of all, you have to dream big. No dream is impossible to achieve. Don’t trust the world if they tell you that what you are dreaming to do is impossible as is said:

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given that to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. Its an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is Nothing.

So my friend, when chasing your dreams remember that you are the one who’s in charge of your life. You can do anything but just don’t rush into it. Always start small. If you want to be a poet, start by writing a stanza for you mom on mother’s day. If you want to be the greatest doctor in the world, start by nursing your grandpa. If you want to become a banker, start by saving in a piggy bank.

Always think Big but Start Small.

Throughout your chase for your dreams, you will have to work hard. Don’t feel shame in work even if you have to clean someone’s car or stay up at night. Feeling shame in work is the most dangerous habit when you are dreaming big.

Keep your Attitude in your control. Don’t be too rude or too sweet and don’t be emotionless. Everything has its time. Stay with your friends when its time and concentrate on your book when its time. If you get too sweet, people will gulp you down and if you get too sour, people will spit you out.

Keep in your mind that personality shows a lot. Keep your body fit for any work. Also dress nicely so people will think you’re a gentleman when you should look like and think you’re fancy pants when you should look like.

Remember the way to success is dotted with countless obstacles. Your main obstacle will be the People. People do all sorts of things to stop you. The reason is that they themselves have never explored the vast territories of the field of life.

People will laugh at you and taunt you for what you think. They might say that becoming the world’s most successful entrepreneur is not a child’s play and there are already so many people doing this that the probability of you becoming the world’s most successful entrepreneur is 1 in billions.

But remember, there is someone at the top and he is also a simple human being. He gets the same sunshine as you and dances in the same rain that you dance in. There is certainly a chance.

People will also tell you that you are not being practical ad becoming the richest person in the world is far ahead of your limits. But do not be disheartened by their tales. The people who tell you to be in limits are actually those who were told off by their teacher for coloring outside the outlines of the boat. They just want to keep in their limits…Inside the set boundary.

But actually, its when you get outside the boundaries, you taste the unleashed creativity in your self. Outside the boundary, there are incessant possibilities. Its only when you get over the danger line, you experience the thrill of flying. Never be in your limits.

And of all problems, money is probably the biggest one. You might not be having cash to pay for studies or travel or anything so what will you do then? I’m not to tell you to stop caring about money. Certainly, money is a thing to be cared. But since my letter is too small to write about money, I will tell you about money in another letter of mine.

Dear friend, when you are thinking big. It’s very important to study what other people willing to become the best did in life. Study the lives of great people like Socrates, Bill Gates, Mandela, Lincoln and you will find out what big thinking actually means.

I wanted to write more about this subject but I leave it to a later date since I have a friend of mine waiting outside to be given knowledge to digest. I would have to leave. I hope you keep well till my next letter.

Giving you Knowledge,

The Guru